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Matt Adams and McGladrey offer nine holes to success

Are you looking to keep your business in the fairway and out of the rough? McGladrey understands.

As many of you know, I have many passions, golf just being one of them. Business and helping others become successful is a passion as well. I, along with assurance, tax and consulting professionals at McGladrey, have created this Web page to help you find business knowledge and insights to help your business be more successful.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with McGladrey, interviewing some of their sponsored players such as Zach Johnson, Davis Love and Chris DiMarco, along with their CEO, Joe Adams (no relation).

Following is a small sample of the insights we’ve pulled together. So head to the first tee. We’ll carry the bag. We’ll be updating this page monthly with new content.

Ten questions to ask before buying a business
Owning a business may be the American dream, but is it right for everyone? Here are 10 questions to consider before buying a business.

Comprehensive planning for family business
Five ways to strengthen wealth and minimize tax
Building and protecting the security of your business and your family is a central goal for every business owners – here are five strategies that can help.

How to effectively identify, prioritize and implement strategic projects to provide business value
If you aren’t moving ahead, you’re falling behind. But no business can afford to waste time and effort on false starts. How can you pick and execute the right projects to move your business forward?

A value-added approach to implementing business intelligence services
Businesses today have access to a wealth of data. Here’s how can you transform that data into strategic information that informs the right decisions?

Keeping the middle-market growth engine humming – Three key growth drivers to consider
Middle-market businesses are the engines of growth in the United States. Here are three trends that will help you continue to grow going forward.

Ten mistakes to avoid when selling your business
You’ve invested years building the value of your business – so don’t lose out when it comes time to sell. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid.

The Obama tax reform plan and pass-through entities
Both President Obama and Republican legislators have proposed tax reform plans that would slash corporate tax rates. What would that mean for the S corporations, partnerships and other pass-through entities that make up much of the small business community?

The Marketplace Fairness Act – Five strategies remote sellers should consider now
The Marketplace Fairness Act will expose many businesses with internet sales to new state tax obligations. If you’re making money online, what should you do today?

Cloud computing – Why it matters to your business
You’ve heard of cloud computing, but do you know why it can be an effective IT strategy for your operation? See if the cloud might clear up your technology issues.

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